New Café Range layered salads!

Sunfresh Cafe Range Salads‘What’s for lunch?’ is always that one question you ask yourself daily and ponder. You know it has to be healthy, and these days it has to be quick and convenient. With quality and innovation our focus, the development team at Sunfresh is proud to introduce our Café Range layered salads.

These new, hand crafted, layered salads are available in 5 delicious variants: Asian Rainbow Salad, Chicken Ranch Salad, Chorizo Pasta & Pearl Bocconcini, Kofta and Couscous, and Pumpkin Brown Rice & Feta.

We understand the importance of providing tasty and nourishing fuel for your body, with the focus now being on healthy options rather than your standard ‘take out’ food. Each salad is made from Australian grown vegetables and produce from local suppliers.

Simply open the tub, stir the generous 210- 275 gram serve, and you can immediately sit back, relax and enjoy either on your own or with a friend.

Find them now in the fresh produce section of your local supermarket!

Asian Rainbow Salad with Chicken
Crunchy Vietnamese inspired crunchy salad, on a bed of rice noodles. Served with pulled chicken and fragrant sesame dressing.

Chicken Ranch Salad
Pulled chicken and sweet corn on a bed of crunchy baby gem (Cos) lettuce and spring onions. Served with an American inspired ranch dressing and crunchy croutons.

Kofta & Couscous
Moroccan style couscous, lamb and chicken kofta with yoghurt dressing and rocket.

Chorizo Pasta with Pearl Bocconcini
Roasted Chorizo, pearl boconccini, Mediterranean vegetables and penne pasta folded through a Spanish inspired tomato dressing.

Pumpkin, Brown Rice and Feta
Roasted pumpkin, brown rice and quinoa in a tangy orange dressing, topped with feta and rocket.


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